About us

Hello We are a team of Spaniards from the town of Soutochao and the surroundings through which this Portuguese road to Santiago de la Plata passes. In May 2009 this team of people, defenders of this historical path, proceeded to mark it from the line with Quintanilha to Verín and we did so without the support of the State of either country, based on the brotherhood that unites our borderless peoples. The signage was carried out by our own means and financial effort, receiving logistical support from the Vilardevos Council and some Verin associations. On the Soutochao website a large part of the history of this path is published together and updated until recent history, which has been analyzed in Santiago by the Government of the Xunta de Galicia, recognizing it as such. However, the road is still abandoned by the Spanish side. Without further ado, thank you for the interest you have shown in this way. We have contact through our email from the Soutochao website: webmaster@soutochao.com Greetings.