Stage 5





The stage runs through the heart of the Natural Park of Montesinho, a protected space, punctuated by beautiful valleys and a diversity of flora that make a beautiful way of contemplation and enjoyment of nature exercise. This is the first full stage Portuguesa. Part of Quintanilha, a picturesque village, if they have something infinitely thank the pilgrims is that of having a hostel, the first one is in the path of Zamora Verin. With the lack of three in the province of Zamora, two in Portugal and one in the province of Ourense, Soutochao.

Starting a preceded by a steep slope that accelerates warming errant step. Vines, bushes and fruit trees dominate landscapes in which for the first time observed transmontano splendor. At this stage in the Natural Park of Montesinho, the outbreak of life .: pine, chestnut trees and thickets, with its smells classic forest, relieved by walking to breathe the passage is perceived. Also appearing on this road that offers a little respite, a road before taking back the sidewalks. This is how you start to see Réfega, the first village of the stage, which runs through beautiful landscapes dominated by water. The rivers, streams and brooks dominate the landscape where a small dam backs up the water and looms, hidden, some mill. Continues the path parallel to the river, which resonates in the clear calm area discourse. Boar Traces show the presence of the animal in the area. Negrillos, riparian vegetation and scrub oaks alternate in more wooded areas with green meadows that appear as pristine sheets. With the influx of spring water first to make beautiful white robes and yellow, in that season. The road route reaches Palacios, a town based on religious celebrations. If the walking to reach the village coincide with a religious act can not find anyone on the street. Palacios, has a Rural Museum, a traditional building with a spring and fountain outside.

Way resumes in the neighborhood of Cima, to take an asphalt road leading to the area Bebe, and so indicates the board of the Friends of the Portuguese Way of the Vía de la Plata. It is a dirt track running through open spaces, scattered on both sides by populations of chestnut, vineyards, thickets, Berezo, meadows and some planted. The coppice dominates this part of the stage for the Natural Park of Montesinho, which leads to the next town, Gimonde. Upon arrival at a teso, where you see the first houses of Gimonde in the distance, and beyond, the great city of Braganza, begins a constant to give Igrejas stop the river, dammed by a small dam downstream. Then the bridge to Gimonde, offering a beautiful view can be seen. The stone viaduct crossing the ripo allows this way the people of Gimonde, watered by two rivers: Igrejas and Malar. A city of over two hundred inhabitants, who is seated in the heart of the Natural Park Montesinho. The village has picturesque corners and meat industry has a presence in the village.

The road out of Gimonde, to cover the last part of the stage, which take pilgrims to Bragança. The journey begins with a beautiful hill, leaving the sports facilities on the right to scroll through a stone path. Ventured into the unknown road Portuguese. Before entering the city, an asphalt road, the ride gets hard. However, to the relief of the andante, a path is taken up by a green area where the colorful stone bridge crosses. Then again the footsteps of the city tower blocks, alternating with low to fund houses, a castle on top. Access to the fort is preceded by a slope that crosses the gateway to the historic site of Braganza with its cobbled streets to the city center (24.4km).