Stage 2




Almendra del Pan Square which runs along the path to the Campillo – San Pedro de la Nave, a dirt road and somewhat stony (lossless) offered the first slopes of what will be the new stage.

San Pedro de la Nave (El campillo ZA)

The road continues following the yellow arrows towards Muelas del Pan, tearing parallel to a brook that forces diverted to save Creek Reservoir River Esla, and run along the Monte Vipers, a valley dominated by dense forests Jara in spring exhibit a show of smell and white, dotted with oaks on either side of the road, where they begin to emerge the first granitic formations are becoming more frequent and increase in magnitude.

Vista aérea de El Campillo ZA

This journey banishes uniformity of the first stage to show some steep slope that slows the pace walkers. Appear the first houses of the Pan wheels, as far as access across the road N-122. For followers of Compostela trail can visit the St. James Church, of the Pan wheels. It offers many interesting details. An altarpiece of the Juan de Montejo the sixteenth century with sequences of the Apostle’s life.

San Pedro de la Nave Church. This monument of the seventh century was one of the first pilgrim hostels World (El Campillo ZA)

The road will take the hiker to Cerezal de Ready, through Ricobayo of Alba. The link between wheels and Ricobayo runs along the National Highway 122, across the network hydroelectric dam, from which bridge the Duero River Canyon is observed. Nothing cross it to the left (about 200 meters) can be seen a small image of St. James stored in a niche embedded in the wall. The town of Salto shows the importance of the great hydraulic works, that from the thirties, forced to settle hundreds of workers in the area. Hence the village, located between wheels and Ricobayo, where you can visit the Church of Santa Eulalia emerged. After passing through the village, the contact with nature is recovered to reach Cerezal, through one of the most beautiful places in the area.

Iglesia Santiago Apostol en (Muelas del Pan. ZA)

If even here the road is a gift for the enjoyment of walkers, what lies ahead is adventure even more pleasing to the eye. Then the reservoir Esla, chaired much of this second stage dotted with hills and low mountain landscapes with some wooded appears again. The moles of granite boulders dominate the top among thickets and brooms, leaning elements of traditional architecture, such as shepherd’s hut, which can be seen swerving few hundred meters right on the Portuguese track.

Aereal view of Muelas del Pan. (ZA)

Throughout the tour you can see on the ground traces wildlife that campaign released for these payments. The more relevant the boar, deer, fox; of reptiles snakes and lizards; amphibians toads and frogs; birds, storks, eagles, hawks and partridges, among others accompanying the hiker with their chants along the way. The entire chain of terrestrial fauna, sheltered between the sites of saws that are traversing along the way. Towards the middle of the road, the old road crosses Villaflor, and later the hiker going sideways by the largest reserve of oaks of Castilla and Leon, and the third in Spain. It is the sofreral of Cerezal, a single tree mass in the province of Zamora, which was recognized with the creation of an Interpretation Centre. At the rate of tree Alcornocal, which follows a recreational area, crossing a modest granite bridge with a fountain called the “Sedilla” zone. Then the people of Cerezal, can visit the Interpretation Centre Alcornocal, seated in the former parsonage. Behind the building the Church of San Justo and San Pastor, where they can see a small image of Santiago on horseback, the eighteenth century, with an altarpiece of the same data is located.

Aerial view of the Dam and Power Plant (Ricobayo ZA)

Towards the last part of this second stage that ends in Bermillo de Alba. The road about 7 km, runs almost entirely among oaks, through the open path between the trees. A long period which ends with the arrival in Bermillo de Alba. A beautiful and rewarding stage, highly recommended. A real discovery. (33 km).

Church of (Cerezal de Aliste. ZA)

Partial view of Bermillo de Alba. (ZA)

Winter portrait Bermillo de Alba (ZA)