Stage 1




The stage of the Constitution Square in Zamora down Calle Santa Clara, to the Church of the Madeleine (S. XII) one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches that adorn the city. Address is taken right down the street Doctor Fleming, the Valorio forest. The Portuguese Way starts by “Lung Zamora” with a grateful onset between groves, leading the way to the chapel of Christ Valderrey, where the road is crossed each year by thousands of pilgrims, allowing full monitoring of the small temple, where it says that the Virgin Mary appeared to Re Sancho IV. The road leads to the first village walking tour, La Hiniesta, which enters Earth Bread for flat and rocky road, wrapped by meadows and fields of work, completing the landscape that connects the territory of Zamora with the county bread, which is named the gramíneo fruit dominates those payments.

Panoramic view of Zamora

Next always the yellow arrow that traces in the town of La Hiniesta, on a slope leading to the church located on a high, dominating the structure of own town of Castilian steppe. Every Whit Monday, thousands of Zamoranos accompany their patron saint, the Virgen de la Concha, who is reunited with his cousin La Hiniesta a popular pilgrimage. The Gothic portal is the most beautiful temple of Hiniesta, offering a stimulating vision that invites Look in more detail the sculptures of the same element.

Hermitage of Cristo de Valderrey (Zamora)

The route takes direction Valdeperdices down a path that breaks the monotonous dominant plain. The barren and flat land turns into beautiful grove spots that break the uniformity of the landscape formed mainly by pines and some oak. The unmistakable smell of jara begins to be present on the road with beautiful blooming white staining of sidewalks in the spring. The remaining seasons, Walker has to settle for watching a welcome sight with the brown landscape green of the pines. Along the way some ash are also observed. Gone is the Hiniesta, and ahead of the highest points of the journey of over 800m. Attractive view of the remains of ancient Sale Palomares, where once they stopped travelers with donkeys and horses appears.

Route of Santiago de Compostela Vía de la Plata – La Hiniesta

Those were different times and ruins so indicate. In this activity there are only traces, the last stones still standing in charge of reminiscing.

Continue your way up to Valdeperdices, a small town that leaves a good memory Walker. The road resumes to San Pedro de la Nave, through the Church of Valdeperdices and watch the monolith inlet of the pilgrim route placed by the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago Via de la Plata. Continuing the route to Almendra, just over two kilometers taking the road, only paved area. The journey reaches Almendra where terminating the first stage in the small doorway of the Church (22.88km)

Portico de Santa Mª de la Real (Hiniesta)

Aereal view of Almendra